Sunday, September 27, 2015

Alternatives to Black Liner

There's nothing like a stroke of black liquid liner, except when every day is a stroke of black liquid liner. When my beloved black liner feels stale, I break out some more colorful options. And while I love a shrieking cobalt jolt of pigment, there are lots of gorgeous neutral or neutral-ish eyeliner options if you're not ready for a smack of color. Here, I go over a few of my favorite non-black neutral eyeliners for fall.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Finding Your Undertone: A Colorful Journey That Matters As Much As You Want It To

If I were to rummage through your closet and makeup collection, what colors would I find? Lots of browns, yellows and earthy greens? There's a good chance you have warm, peachy or yellow undertones in your skin. A collection of bright whites, purples and blues? Better chance you have cool, blue or pink tones to your skin. No cohesive color palette? You either have neutral undertones or are confused; I was in the latter boat for years.