Friday, June 19, 2015

Meeting my makeup inspiration, Lisa Eldridge

I met my idol today. Since I began watching her videos maybe a year and a half ago, I've gone from makeup lover to aspiring makeup artist, in part because of the grace and intelligence she demonstrates in the industry. If Youtube had a feature that showed you how many times you'd viewed a single video, I'd guess some of hers would inch up towards 20 in my account. If I'm ever having a hard time explaining a makeup technique to someone, or if I'm not sure what to tell them, I simply advise they they look up her videos. When I do give advice, I'd say 8/10 times I'm paraphrasing something I've hear her say. Her name is Lisa Eldridge, and I'd basically like to be her someday.

Last Saturday, I saw a Tweet from Lisa that she'd be making a 1pm personal appearance at the Times Square Sephora, and I squealed like a preteen meeting One Direction. I immediately secured permission from my gracious boss to take a long lunch today, and of course began planning my hair, makeup and outfit.

This morning, I commuted to work in a slightly dressier emsemble than I normally wear feeling fantastic. I wasn't expecting much; just that she'd tell me how much she loved my makeup, that she wanted me as her new apprentice and for us to be best friends. (As you'll read, one of these actually happened!) I left work at 12:45 nervous, knowing it would be crowded and having no idea what to expect.

After a surprisingly painless one-hour wait (thank god the line was under an awning to shield us from the sun!) there I was, almost trembling as I handed my phone, camera app ready to snap, to Lisa's lovely assistant Jessie. Lisa greeted me with a big smile and right away told me she loved my lipstick, that it suited me well, the rest of my makeup was great, and that she was proud of me! I confessed that I was glad she thought it was good, because I want to become a makeup artist someday, and she congratulated me and wished me luck. 

A few snaps of the camera later, and I was standing aside, feeling like I'd just had an out-of-body experience. I jealously watched the person behind me have a chat with her for almost a minute and felt like Ralphie climbing back up the slide to Santa in a Christmas Story. "Wait, you mean I could have talked to her more? Why didn't I? I had so much more I wanted to say!" I guess I've learned that when I meet someone I admire, everything flies out of my brain. Though I regret not telling her how much of an inspiration she's been to me, I'd like to think my big smile conveyed some of that. And, the fact that she complimented my makeup will make me smile for years to come.

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  1. Congrats on meeting your makeup role model! This is awesome :D

    Considering you guys are wearing similarly styled tops, looks like you've already got that part down in your path to being like her hehe :)