Saturday, June 20, 2015

From Natural to Neon: Making Up My Friend Maria

I'd been wanting to try some makeup trends on my beautiful friend Maria for some time. Not only does she have naturally insane cheekbones, but also a killer sense of style that lets her pull off nearly any look she chooses. So, using those two facts about her as jumping-off points, I wanted to start the day with a super natural no-makeup makeup look, and then graduate to using some really bright, summery colors.

For this first supremely natural look, I began by evening out Maria's skin tone a bit and then Tarte's Tipsy, a gorgeous coral blush perfect for summer or warmer skin tones, was applied to the apples of her cheeks very softly, followed by a tiny bit of contour (those cheekbones don't need much emphasizing!). I kept the eyes very soft and neutral, using Maybelline's gel liner in brown to softly line her eyes, and Makeup Geeks' Cocoa Bear eyeshadow t softly define her socket. And finally, I used Maria's own lipstick, MAC's Honey Love, which is a gorgeous nude shade for medium skin tones.  

I wanted to begin the colorful phase of Maria's makeup with a pop of color emanating from the crease, so I dabbed away a bit of the brown eyeshadow and blended a bit of NYX's Milk pencil from the socket out to intensify the color to come. I then took MAC's gorgeous saffron-hued eye shadow Goldenron onto a 217 brush and buffed it into her crease. Secondly, I saw this runway makeup from Rochas with a black dot hovering below the center of each model's eye and liked the concept but decided to make it a bright spot for Maria with a bit of NYX's Milk pencil topped with a bit of Sugarpill's Lumi pigment. It strikes me as an abstraction of the idea of "under-eye brightening," accomplishing that universal goal in a geometric way. 

Next, I decided to remove the bright spot under the eyes and add some other sunset shades to the lips in another avant-garde makeup trend: two-tone lips.  I applied NYX's Shocking Pink to the top lip, and Hot Tamale to the bottom. 

I liked this look in person but felt on camera the pink was a bit too light in comparison to the orange and kind of disappeared. So, I added the orange on top of the pink for the final look and really liked the effect! I had a great time playing with colors, and thank you, Maria for being my doll for a day!

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