Thursday, October 30, 2014

From Sharp to Spooky: Last-Minute Vampire Halloween Makeup

Feeling a bit uninspired this Halloween? Or maybe you're not super into dressing up, but you're going to a party and don't want to be a total spoil-sport. Well, this is probably the easiest possible way to look a bit spooky with spending loads of time and/or money on a costume.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tropical Fish Makeup: My Halloween Makeup Test-Drive + Video Tutorial!

I'll be honest: I am kind of recycling an old costume for this year's Halloween. But hopefully with much better makeup.

About three years ago I was the Rainbow Fish for Halloween and I made my own dress using a blue tank dress from American Aparrel, a homemade scale stencil and purple & silver spray paint. I've kept the dress all this time, and wanted to challenge myself to go all the way with the makeup this time. In the last iteration of this look, I just drew on some super-circular eyes and called it a day.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Feeling Beautiful With or Without Makeup

Me in various stages of made-up-ness. 
Lately, women who I've known for years, friends and family alike, have been approaching me with the look of a child coming to confess to breaking the vase in the hall & be punished. The encounter starts nicely enough: "I love your blog..." And then it hits: "I know I should be [covering my under eye bags/wearing lipstick more often/curling my eyelashes] but I just don't [have time/know what color would work for me/know how]." While by no means does every woman react to my hobby this way, (and by no means am I reprimanding the women who do) it's been a source of concern for me. Why do so many women feel guilty for not wearing makeup?