Sunday, September 28, 2014

My Eyebrow Routine for A Natural Look

I've been long overdo to post an update of my eyebrow routine! The last time I posted about this, I used photos to explain myself and had some problems with my lighting. This time, I've posted a video on my still brand-new Youtube channel and I hope that a video format will do a better job of explaining how I do this. 
As I mention in the video, I personally prefer a more natural look to my eyebrows. I'm not at all putting down other makeup mavens who go for the more dramatic, sharp brow, but I've always liked my natural brow shape, so I just enhance it a bit and fill in any gaps. Nothing wrong with going for a power brow if that's what you like! And if you have naturally very sparse brows, you can certainly use my method of a powder + angle brush for a natural look, but you maybe need to use more product & spend more time refining your shape than I did. If you want a stronger brow, I'd recommend a gel like Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade to create more defined lines.

Finally, I'd like to add this note: most people know the rule of choosing either your eyes or lips to feature using makeup; I think most of us can agree that a bright red lip and smokey eye at the same time is a bit much. I agree, however I'd like to add brows to that list of features to feature sparingly. It's very popular now to  have a super gorgeous, dramatic smokey eye with a giant wing + power brows. Personally, I prefer a more natural brow with a dramatic eye. It keeps the look grounded and from appearing too "done." Perhaps it's because I grew up in a time when my favorite publications, like Teen Vogue, emphasized the importance of balance (never a stiletto with a mini skirt, or a perfectly coiffed hairdo with a fancy dress, unless it's prom or your wedding) but I find styles that are too perfectly done somewhat old-fashioned and rigid. I feel it's much more fun to have suggestions of the natural and the undone alongside a glamorous element. But again, do what you like and what suits your style!

Products used:

  • NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder in Taupe/Ash
  • Anastasia Clear Brow Gel
  • Sephora Brow Brush, #10
  • Ricky's NYC Spoolie Brush
Thanks for watching & reading! See you next week, where I plan to do a video on my battle with my greatest nemesis: facial redness.

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