Saturday, March 15, 2014

Led By The Moonlight: An introduction to a makeup blog that has a story (or several) to tell

A recent look featuring Makeup Forever's Powder Blush in Irish Green No. 93

Hello Beauty Blogger world. Welcome to my blog Led By The Moonlight, a place where risks will be taken and imaginations stretched! I want this to a be a place where I can share my pursuit of adventurous makeup. Once a week, I'll post a look inspired by anything from literature and film to nature and art. You can also expect posts on recent trends in makeup and my sources of inspiration.

I have a background in visual arts and history. My fine arts projects have mostly involved photography, miniature sculpture and some stop-motion animation with those sculptures. My love of history grew out of my love of storytelling as a child. 

My love affair with cosmetics started early. I can remember being in elementary school and being fascinated by the products in my mother's makeup drawer and the cosmetics aisle in CVS. I first wore makeup at the age of 4 for a dance recital, but my first product that I can remember was a silver/lavender eyeshadow duo. It made my eyelids look fairy-like. I was smitten.

Now, I want to unite these great loves of mine: art, history and makeup. To me, they all boil down to storytelling and communicating an idea or emotion. In my day-to-day life I often play a character when I get ready in the morning. Admittedly, sometimes the character is "girl who needs to get to work in 20 minutes and can't find the damn concealer." But on other days, my eyes evoke a Monet canvas; others, I'm Lauren Bacall singing to Bogey in a smokey lounge on the island of Martinique; and sometimes I'm just me, but with my lips paying homage to the petals of a peony. 

First and foremost, this blog is an experiment. I am not a trained or professional makeup artist. I am a young woman who loves the processes, products and results of makeup. Some looks maybe not be wearable for everyone, but it's more important to me that they be imaginative. So, let the games begin!

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